Michael R. Berlon

Michael R. Berlon: Bio

I’m pleased to work with our team at Prison Professors Charitable Corporation. We build bridges to help people that have experienced the criminal justice system at various stages. Specifically, we:

  • Create digital training programs to teach and inspire people in custody.
  • Operate a temporary-staffing agency to help people transition into the employment market.
  • We create digital content to bring more awareness to the collateral consequences of mass incarceration.
  • Create content to help people understand how to avoid challenges with the criminal justice system, or improve their outcomes if they’ve been targeted with a crime.

For more information, please contact me directly:

Below I offer more information about my personal background.

Executive Summary:

I practiced law for more than twenty-two years before surrendering my license in 2014. I plead guilty to one count of wire fraud related to my law firm in 2015 and was sentenced to 63 months in prison. I served 49 months before I was released in 2019 and have spent months rebuilding my life. I have been married for thirty-seven years and look forward to the future now more than ever. I am passionate and fully committed to helping lessen the collateral consequences of mass incarceration to ex-felons at every stage and in any way possible-through education, employment and hope.

I have extensive experience in the area of non-profit operations, including fundraising and recruitment. I spent more than twenty years consulting in all aspects of human resources and legal compliance. In addition, I have a significant background in federal and state criminal and civil litigation, motion and appellate practice, post-conviction remedies, risk management and insurance matters, mediation, arbitration.

While I was in prison, I served at the law librarian. During that time, I helped prepare and file several successful post-conviction motions seeking sentence relief under a variety of laws, including 28 U.S.C. § 2255 & 28 U.S.C. § 2241, motions relating to the “Second Chance Act”, Compassionate Release, Petitions seeking relief under Amendments by the United States Sentencing Commission, District and Circuit Court appeals as well as authoring Petitions for Pardons and the Commutation of Sentences.

I have a significant background in politics at the national and state level in both elected and appointed capacities. In addition to running for Congress in 2002, I served as the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia and held almost every leadership position in the state related to the party. I managed a number of local and statewide campaigns and am familiar with all aspects of political party operations, policy positions, candidate recruiting, fund raising, public and media relations, speech writing, dealing with the media, campaign finance and election law.


Juris Doctorate                     Georgia State University                                Atlanta, Georgia

December, 1991                      College of Law

Bachelor of Arts                    Georgia State University                                Atlanta, Georgia

July, 1989                               Political Science Major

                                                Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts                    Thomas Edison State College                        Trenton, New Jersey

November, 1990                     History Major

                                                Bachelor of Arts